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BCC Bin lookup page for GM ECM and PCM Chip and Memcals!

BCC Label
BCC Bin Find is a utility which can use the Broadcast Code from a GM OBDI computer chip to help identify the original application the chip is from. 

The Broadcast Code, chip or BCC, can be found on the chip (eprom) or memcal of your ecm.  Two common examples of a BCC label are pictured.  The label may sometimes be found on the blue plastic cover (not pictured) or on the ecm case.   Newer GM memcals may list the  memcal part number instead of the BCC. 

BCC Bin Find does not currently look up OBDII,  Australian Holden, or European Vauxhal / Opel calibrations but may in the future if reliable data can be obtained. 

BCC Bin Find does not include MASK ID but hopefully it will be included in the future.
BCC Label
Type in bcc chip code (letters only)

GM's latest chips binary images (BIN files) can be found at's GM ECM Information pages designed for each ECM and PCM.

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