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Thread: FAQ on EFI Conversion Links, Troubleshooting, Error Codes!

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    FAQ on EFI Conversion Links, Troubleshooting, Error Codes!

    If you are planning on a EFI conversion or need help troubleshooting what you have or where to start tuning? Well here's a good start!

    EFI Terminology

    Bin files, Definition Files, Wiring Diagrams, Pictures and a whole lot more!


    Installing a chip

    O2 sensor placement.

    GM TBI reference pictures

    Fuel Pump Relay Wiring


    Northstar ignition information


    Tuning GM EFI OBD1

    Where do you start tuning?

    Injector Size Vs HP VS Fuel Pressure with calculator

    TBI Injector sizes, Part Numbers and color codes

    Hardware Modifications

    Converting from 1227747 to 16197427 Wiring diagrams and pin outs

    TH400 Auto Trans Kick Down Switch Installation

    1227749 Low-Z injector driver modification for running 6 and 8 Low-z injectors.

    Building an EFI distributer for Delco ECM control.

    DRAC information and modification

    MEMCAL modification for EEPROM

    1227747 Flash Chip conversion to 27SF512 Eprom

    Using Extrernal ESC on P4 type ECM


    Code 59 is a modified code of the Sy/Ty/Turbo Sunbird code, that has many features added to it.

    Software modifications

    E-fan control for the $0D and $0E.

    Dual speed/Dual E-fan control for $0D

    Patch for datalogging when using an AutoProm with $58

    Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

    TBI and TPI Diagnosis and Troubleshooting GM Service Manual

    GM Error Codes for all vehicles! Excellent!

    CTS Coolant Temperature Sensor

    General information

    Ludis' excellent resource for GM EFI

    Another link to reference BCC to ECM numbers.

    GM RPO Codes

    Memcal Information

    Conversions and Tutorials

    Converting a Toyota 22r 22re 22 rte to GM ECM

    1227747 HiWay Enable lean Cruise

    DIY Fuel Injection for any engine! How To!

    Installing GM TBI information

    DuraSpark Stator Diagnosing
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