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Thread: 1227730 ECU. $1F to $8D mask ID?

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    1227730 ECU. $1F to $8D mask ID?

    I have an 85 corvette with a 1227730 ecu in it and a $1F Mask I.D. is it possible to keep the 1227730 ecu and upgrade to a $8D Mask I.D? the 8d has allot more support and seems to be a better all around tune. I figure I would have to get a moates G2 adapter for a larger chip but is that all I need to do. is this even possible?

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    There are several technical details to figure out first when upgrading the 1985 Corvette to $8D.

    The 1985 Corvette should have ECU 1226870:

    The 1227730 ECU was first used in 1990:

    With good wiring skills and a "no holds bared WILL to make it happen", the 1985 Corvette 1226870 can be converted to the 1227730. Upgrading the 1985 Corvette computer IS NOT a "Simple Plug-n-Play" project.

    dave w

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    I don't understand what is being asked but refer to the following link and this may help...
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