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Thread: Hi from SoCal

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    Hi from SoCal

    Hi everyone
    I have researched many topics on this forum over the past two years, and am just now posting my first questions. I hope to also start answering some questions, since I have pushed through many, many problems in my current project. Speaking of which...
    1985 Toyota FJ60 which spent 35 years in Montana.
    Imported to California, swapped the I6 tractor motor for 5.7L chevy TBI from a 1989 C1500
    I mated the V8 to an Advanced Adapters overdrive gearbox. Modified the OEM wiring harness and rebuilt just about everything and remediated more rust than you can imagine.
    7747 ECM with prom modified to ASDW BCC (thanks to DaveW).
    In California to register an engine swap vehicle you have to pass a referee inspection and a smog test for the donor vehicle. I passed the mechanical inspection but have failed smog twice due to high CO at idle (see my recent posting on this topic). I am 99% done with the project, just need to solve this last issue. Eventually I will be tuning the calibration, but can't quite do that before passing the inspection.
    If anyone has ANY questions about landcruiser engine swaps I will be happy to help where I can (I don't really have tuning expertise, but there seems to be plenty of that in this forum already :)

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    It's good to see you posting.

    dave w

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    That sounds like an *awesome* project! I'm a newbie so not sure I can help, but definitely cheering you on!

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