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Thread: Introduction.

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    Hello all and thanks for allowing me to join the fun. I am an old guy from downstate Illinois with a 96 LT1 engine sitting under a workbench and a 63 Biscayne behind the shop. The engine lacks a harness and ECM and I am interested in converting to a LS ECU/coil setup. From what I have been seeing on this site I am probably in over my head but I enjoy this kind of stuff. Thanks again for allowing me access to all of this information/knowledge.

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    Most gearhead-efi members would likely use the 94 / 95 LT1 computer and a 94/95 LT1 aftermarket harness on a 1996 Lt1 engine. The Coil on Plug ignition is a very "cool" look. It's debatable if the the LT1 with Coil on Plug look and the marginal performance improvement provided by the Coil on Plug look is "worth' the headaches and expense.

    dave w

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