To pass time during this Covid fiasco...
I thought a tuner contest would be fun.
I will keep it simple...

Build then post your tune for a somewhat stock config of the following:
2001 1500 Silverado
Reg cab
3.73 gear
Rears 275/45/18s
Untouched 4.8L with xxx heads

And 3 simple not ordinary mods

1. Air box and filter replaced with my home-grown I mean grass roots 3.5" velocity stack

2. Shh! Cats and complete exhaust removed. Leaving 3 feet of 2.25" straight pipe with the orig upstream O2s on each side.

3. Brand new shiny E3 spark plugs lighting up no name no ethanol no fun 91 octane.

I wanted to get my hands on some methanol to make this a real tuners test but at this time am still SOL!

So the prelude to this stemmed from a pair of old HVAC work trucks going dirt cheap on craigy.

Which led my bud and me to snatch up these identical rust buckets of the above for $500ea. That once again has us opening up the garage door again to another death wish and hopefully ticket free backyard build.

So then I thought lets try to have some fun for once before they're tore down for their chaotic and unlimited traffic ticket potential purpose....

73psi of boost or 1600 HP.... Which ever or never comes first. More on that in a post covid era thread.

Anyway heres what we're thinking.
Post your version of the previously posted tune
Me and my bud DJ will flash em up and run em head to head maybe in a format close to the following:

2 - 1/4 mi runs back to back averaged out...
No burnout
No load launches
Auto shifted and started in 3rd/D unless tuner specified to start and run in 4th/OD one of not many if any tuner requests....
Runs will be logged with video and basic telem
Tunes that achieve quickest E.T and fastest Trap Speed wins $50 ea. 2 winners!

So what do ya think?

I'd like to have a set posting time/day of the tune file with a 3 day deadline with the grudges run the following day with the results the day after that.
Maybe a facebook live thing??? God I hate facebook...

10 tuners max with some kind of fair elimination or chip in hat type draw if there's more than that...

Questions comments ideas? Post away!