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Thread: Introduction

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    Hello everyone! My name is Garrett Cook and I've recently decided to undergo the challenge of self tuning. I'm a tinker and always changing this or that so it'll be nice to be able to tune accordingly. I'm 32 and just finished my petroleum engineering degree in August, online through UND, just in time for the shit show that is 2020. I work full time as a lease operator in northern Oklahoma with aspirations to use my degree at some point.

    I grew up and still live on a ranch in very SC Kansas where I'm raising 2 kids and attempting to raise my wife lol. She's actually a great mother and usually tolerates me so I shouldn't joke around like that.

    You can all look forward to some questions coming down the line, thanks for having me! I've got a 1995 K1500 originally a 4.3 but switched to 5.7 from i was told a van of the same year. Going to add an intake and modify my exhaust. Also switched gears so hoping to dial it in!

    Best wishes
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