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Thread: Newbie Wanting to Install a TBI on Marine 4.3 - Looking for Advice

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    Newbie Wanting to Install a TBI on Marine 4.3 - Looking for Advice

    Got to get this disclaimer up front, I'm a babe in the woods when it comes to EFI, grew up with Carburetors, however I love the reliability of my fuel injected vehicles. I have a little bow rider with a 4.3 that I would like to add a TBI to, I'm tired of wrestling with the old carburetor each year. I know I can just buy a kit, however it's a bit more than I would like to spend and I also enjoy the DIY challenge. I'm off looking for a donor 4.3 vehicle with a TBI system to harvest as many parts as possible. From my reading I think I want to use a 1227747 ECM. I have tried to read as much as possible to use this system on a marine engine but could use some help. I'm sure changes need to be made to the software, is it worth investing in all the required gear to burn chips and tune, or should I just have someone perform that task (Any takers?. Like to understand the advantages and disadvantages of open versus closed loop, I know there are ways to do it, but will it make a large difference? I just want a good running stock motor, nothing crazy that will be reliable and have improved idling and staring over what I currently have. Apologize if this has been gone over before, I didn't find a lot in my search. Thanks in advance and anxious to get some expert advice on the best way to get started.

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    Budget is usually a factor, a link to a "Google" Marine 4.3 TBI system:

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