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Thread: 1993 Buick Riveria- Looking to just monitor data

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    1993 Buick Riveria- Looking to just monitor data

    So I have tried the ads files on TunerPro for the 93 3800 vehicles, but nothing seems to work right. The data streams seems to bounce all over the place. Using the latest drivers for my ALDL-usb cable, tried a few other different ads/adx files, but can't seem to find the right one. I know they only made a little over 4000 of these cars, so figured there just isn't much out there for this. It has the L27 motor. Again, not looking to tune it, just need to monitor some of the data streams like the O2, air intake, MAF and a few others.

    If anyone knows where or who I can maybe talk to about getting Tuner Pro to work with my car, I would really appreciate it...

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    You may be able to make an ADX file from scratch. The original datastream may be available here:
    If your vehicle is listed in the index.doc file then you can download the correct .DS file as a start.

    You could also try looking through the files that were previously hosted on the Moates fileserver: No guarantees...

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    Thanks. I will give this a look..

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