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Thread: Arduino EFI, BMW V8 Tbucket

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    Arduino EFI, BMW V8 Tbucket

    Heya, hope you guys enjoy a pictorial of building my project.

    Let's start with the engine, since I did:

    Mid-Late 90's BMW 4.4L pre-variable cam timing (VANOS) shortblock (M62B44, referred to as M62):

    Engine #2, Early 90's BMW 4.0L dismantler take-out engine assembly (M60B40 referred to as M60). To sacrifice it's heads, valve covers, timing covers, OBD1 front mount crank trigger & misc hardware.

    It's claimed the early 4.0L heads have slightly bigger valves and bigger cams then the native 4.4L heads. However I did learn later that the M62 has lighter weight hydraulic lifters and I should've used those in the M60 heads for a bit more rev range.

    The donor car: Mid 90's BMW 5 series, v8 & 6speed manual trans. To donate it's transmission & misc hardware.

    Cylinder heads back from the machine shop after a surface & valve job. Coincidentally I now work at the same machine shop.

    Assembled long block, using the early M60 double timing chain & idler set up. Eaton M112 Supercharger, water-air heat exchangers & fuel injection from a late 90's Jaguar on adapters to bolt down to the BMW heads:

    Start building the car:

    Me, being cheesy:

    The first ever fire up:

    The first fire up as an assembled car, without any tuning time yet.

    The EFI controller is a variant of Speeduino, called SpeedyEFI. Still using an Arduino Mega2560, it's a different arduino shield board layout then the directly available Speeduino boards and comes in a nice case with universal wire harness. It fires the V8 in paired cylinder batch fire and waste spark. It also controls the fuel pump, electric fan, supercharger water pump, 2 stage nitrous and nitrous intercooler spray bar all with manual override switches.

    I've still got a ton of work left to do and hope to have it moving, steering and stopping under it's own power by the end of the year. Thanks for checking out my project.

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    Nice work!

    Thank you for sharing!

    dave w

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    Nice build. If you want another open source ECU that isn't a toy, check out RusEFI. They've got sequential fuel and ignition running nicely on BMW V12s. Speeduino makes me sad... So many better alternatives.

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    I recognize that other, more expensive & more proprietary EFI controllers have better features. But I've been in the Speeduino community for a while, I have several of them running on different kinds of vehicles and have been relatively happy with the outcome. As is with any project, any build, any DIY anything. Just gotta jump through the hurdles and/or come up with some creative solutions when issues to arise.

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    Wow that is neat. I like you're style.

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    I'm not sure how I missed this, but I really like this build. Thank you for sharing!

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