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Thread: Greetings from East Tennessee!

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    Greetings from East Tennessee!

    Am in Kingsport. Am relatively new to working with EFI, am working on a 1990 Grand Wagoneer - got this for my wife - she'd wanted one for years - she calls him Teddy; I can’t bring myself to, so we’ll say Theodore. Given how the Jeep came together, Frankenstein may be a better description. Goal is an eventual daily driver.

    Is a ‘90 model. Tripped across it locally on Craigslist back in August 2018.

    While the clearcoat is basically gone, the body has no rust at all - with nice patina. Came with AFI's setup already installed, but the wiring harnesses are a hack job - am working on reliability issues now. From what i can tell, the engine/EFI setup came from NJ, by way of NC, while the body came from Atlanta - they met in TN. Given the lack of rust, & the 'high elevation' emissions sticker under the hood - am thinking it's a Western desert car.

    Since then, we've brought the stance back to stock, swapping out leaf springs, shocks, & finding whitewall tires, along with a myriad of other mechanical things.

    Am looking forward to finding/fixing the reliability issues that plague us. Am looking forward to learning/contributing on the forum. And, thanks to Shannen for helping me out w/getting my account set up.

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    Nice photos of the Wangoneer.

    dave w

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