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Thread: Howdy from the Geronimo, Texas area!

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    Howdy from the Geronimo, Texas area!

    Thanks to the admin for approving my account on a email address I actually can see on a daily basis. Yes, I have another account that was submitted when it looked like this account would not be approved due to the email address. This one will be the one I use from here on out as I never look at the other email address.

    Currently I have three project trucks in various stages of execution.
    Two are drivers and one was recently wrecked.
    2004 Chevy Avalanche Z66 - currently with the factory 5.3. This is a project truck I have wanted for along time. Plans to pull the 5.3 and drop a 6.0 LQ9 (currently on the stand) with a mild supercharger among other minor mods to the powertrain and suspension. This is the truck that started massive learning curve on EFI systems as previously all my hotrods have sport carbs.

    1994 K1500 Suburban - normal driver on the weekends now since the Blazer was wrecked. This one will be getting the old school 295 hp 350 out of the Blazer with a EFI set-up. Have not decided if I will stick with the TBI currently in the truck for simplicity sake or upgrade to some form of MPFI! Idea's abound. This one just needs to be a solid driver with decent fuel mileage and easy to fix.

    1986 Chevy K5 Blazer - this was my joy of a project until someone pulled in front of me on a slick wet road and wasted the frame and front end. Litigation on the claim still pending. Long term plans for this truck ~ major modifications including a late model GMT800 4wd frame, 6.0 LQ9, 4L80E and all the modern suspension, abs, etc. Chassis and Powertrain already acquired from a donor Cadillac EXT. Will just be waiting for some additional funds and time once the Avalanche is finished.

    Overly ambitious considering time and funds, but my 15 y.o. son is ready to jump in and really start learning mechanics and custom work.

    Thanks for the opportunity to learn and hopefully contribute.

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