GreeTyr here joining your forums thanks to 1project2many helping with registration issue!

I am a newbe at this and trying to learn how to program the 0411 that I am putting in my 96 K2500.

It has the 5.7 Vortec in which I just replaced the camshaft with the camshaft from the HT383e.
I also have installed the Taylor V-max intake manifold spacer and Volant cold air intake.
Note I had to flatten the Volant 3/4 inch for hood clearance due to increase height from the V-max. Also had to use 5mm longer bolts on the throttle.

The transmission is the 4L80e which will have the Tow / Haul option after the 0411 swap.

If anyone has the same setup and is will to share, please let me know.

As I learn, I will be sharing for all to use.