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Thread: 1994 Silverado Engin swap

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    Smile 1994 Silverado Engin swap

    Hi I am Herman and new to EFI tuning. I have just completed an engine swap in my 1994 Silverado, 5.7 liter to a 7.4 liter 454. My engine builder did a lot of work to the engine for me: Cam upgrade, heads have been reworked, Eldorbrook intake and headers. Up graded TBI with bigger injectors. Need a good tune for this project. The truck has a 16197427 ECM, also this is on the labor BJLH. I think it should use a $OD mask. Just purchased the APU1 Auto PROM from Craig Moates. Up loaded Tuner Pro RT ver. 5.00.9209.
    My truck has an upgraded 4l60e from Hughes Performance.
    Looking for all the help I can get to master a good tune.

    Thanks in advance

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    There are several way to go about "Tuning" the 454 with $OD. One method that has been successful for me, was to copy / paste all the 454 parameters from a $OE chip into the $OD chip. The link to gearhead-efi $OE information:

    dave w

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    Dave .... thank you very much for the information. I am trying to setup Tuner Pro right now, will load all the data and see where we go.

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