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Thread: Selling Truck W/ APU1

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    Selling Truck W/ APU1

    I am putting my 1993 Chevy 1500 for sale and wanted to post it here (if the forum allows).
    Short cab, stepside, 350 engine (see below), rebuilt 4l60e transmission, 3.73 differential

    Our small shop is growing tighter as we expand and I would like to see it go to a good home before it is ruined by the weather or vandals sitting in the parking lot. Through the years of reading on the forum its obvious the attention people give to these trucks and am happy to see it treated well

    It has been stored inside for the last few years (pulling it out to work during the daytime).

    Truck is in overall good condition noting the following:

    The hood is dented near the hinges (they both are in good working order though) & latches as it should
    There are a couple of small dings on the sides.
    The headliner is sagging (not all the way yet).
    There is a small tear in the seat & the plastic dash is starting to crack.
    The AC system needs to be flushed, oiled, & charged

    Other than the small cosmetic wears, it is a rust free California truck

    Mechanically speaking the truck has been almost completely rebuilt (less the rear differential which has had the fluid changed & new gasket installed)
    It also still has the factory exhaust (except the manifolds).
    The truck has a rebuilt steering column, ignition, & front end (with alignment)
    A rebuilt transmission was installed w/ new torque converter (new u joints on driveshaft)

    The engine is the orignial 350 block rebuilt (.040 overbore) with the following parts:
    All new rings, bearings, & seals
    Overbored & milled throttle body (with 18psi Spring)
    Balanced crankshaft
    Vortec heads
    Hydraulic roller camshaft w/ retainer plates & spider (I will find the specs and attach after typing this)
    GM Performance intake with EGR Crossover pipe & exhaust manifold
    New IAC controller, waterpump, alternator, egr valve, AC Compressor, thermostat

    A new Vortec Fuel pump was installed to handle the upgraded fuel pressure.
    The truck has rebuilt brakes w/ a new master cylinder, rotors, & pads & 4 really good tires.

    I have had this truck a long time and purchased a newer larger GMC to haul the lumber that wont fit in our service van.

    It has a nice working tune (which may need some final tweaking) and blows clean on an emissions test (last test was done on 4.21.20 & I will attach the numbers)

    Truck is located in Northern California

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask (I will bookmark this thread and try to stay after my email address).

    Asking $3,500 w/ APU1 & any extra tuning parts I have included

    Reasonable offers welcome
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    Cam Shaft Specs:
    Engine pro part # MC-1044

    Gross lift .410 intake .427 exhaust
    Duration at .050 207 intake 214 exhaust
    Centerline 117
    LSA 112?

    Intake opens 14 degrees btdc and closes 41 after bottom
    Exhaust opens 43 btdc and closes at 9 degrees after

    Emissions Numbers
    15 mph
    HC: 47 ppm (max 118, ave 66)
    CO%: .11 (max .43, ave .12)
    NO: 122 ppm (Max 669, ave 360)

    25 mph
    HC: 28 ppm (max 95, ave 51)
    CO%: .07 (max .74, ave .18)
    NO: 18 ppm (Max 601, ave 281)

    I can also send startup/ running videos to whoever would ever like them via email

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    nice truck, wish I was closer and the Canadian dollar better

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    Price Reduced to 3K, OBO
    Forgot to mention it has 4 good tires with deep tread.

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    Truck was almost stolen, price reduced $2,700.00

    Within the last week having the police largely distracted by local looting, somebody stole the driveshaft from the vehicle.

    They would have been able to take the whole vehicle had the parking brake not been engaged

    The vehicle is now parked back safely inside.

    The price for sale includes the reconnection of the power train (salvage driveshaft & yoke in good condition, & 2 new U Joints)

    I am looking at some work in central Arizona and would be able to move the truck that far to a genuinely interested party.

    Looking to see it go to a good home

    Want to sell soon

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    PM sent

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    Still no takers,
    Serious offers still accepted

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