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Thread: BLM history table

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    BLM history table

    I'm tuning a 91vette and the ve tables need work. I've just not been able to get the blm history table to fill in. It just throws up a 0 in the cells it hits. What am I doing wrong.

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    Same boat. Have the dash board, the monitors, and data lists working....just no tables building. Did you ever find a resolution? Just 0's in every table...???

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    just fix the ADX.

    aquisition -> edit definition -> history tables -> whatever

    see the object z output. make sure it's set to your BLM trim or whatever you want. whatever its set to is probably wrong

    go to the columns (y axis) and rows (x axis)

    make sure the row and column objects are correct (probably RPM and MAP)

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