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Thread: New to Forum - Mid - Ohio

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    New to Forum - Mid - Ohio

    Howdy All,

    Needed to Join forum due to project. And I Thank ya all for all the information you have posted. PROJECT - 1992 C3500 original 5.7 NV4500 combo. - Swapping to a 7.4 NV4500 combo.. Just need more torque for the old girl(Dump Truck). Current ECM (5.7) 1228747 - Want to swap in the 7.4 but I have a 16147060 ECM - from RV I guess the 4l80e tranny.. I was going to look at the diagrams and determine if I could just plug in the 7060 or do I need to find the prom for a 8747.. I have all kinds of projects and i'm sure i'd bore ya with those..

    I'll post something more formal if I am unable to find the info I need, but if you went through the same setup or know what I need, please don't hesitate to comment!!

    Thanks in advance

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    Welcome to the forum. Plenty of folks here have an ongoing list of projects so you're not alone there.

    The 7060 ecm was used with the 7.4 in 91-92 so you could find or burn a prom for that ecm. The 8747 is a little older but may swap. We have information on both pcms so you can compare wire locations for possible plug n play operation.

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    Thanks for the welcome!

    Checked the diagrams.. Would have to re-pin harness to work with the 7060 Ecm - So looks like I am looking to reprogram the 8747 Chips.
    I'll keep the 7060 for a different Project. Now to figure how I can get a 8747 chip reprogrammed to the arpa 91 bin.
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