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Thread: New and glad to be apart of the gear head crew.

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    New and glad to be apart of the gear head crew.

    Hello every one! First off I give Fast355 credit for putting a link on a YouTube video I watched the other day that led me here. After serving 4 years in the navy and getting out in 2012 I started buying and collecting 88-95 Chevy trucks. Wished I would have found this site sooner. As of today my collection are 95 2 door Tahoe 4wd, 94 Chevy c1500 RcSb, 94 gmc c1500 reg. Cab step side, 93 Chevy c1500 reg. Cab step side, 92 Chevy c1500 RcSb, 92 gmc c2500 reg cab long bed, 91 gmc c2500 reg cab long bed, and my 89 Chevy c1500 RcSb. Some are great some are ok. This has turned into an extreme hobby of mine over the last 8 years. For the last couple of years Iíve been building my 89 Chevy after it blew a head gasket. Iíve been working with Brian Harris from Harris performance copying one of his engine builds with aluminum heads and the Lunati 20080660 cam. After reading a lot of threads on here. I should have invested my time in money learning how to burn chips myself. Any ways glad to be here and really looking forward to learning A LOT from everyone here and hopefully able to burn my own chips and do LS engine swaps.

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    Welcome to the forum. That's a nice collection of trucks to play with. The TBI engines were super reliable and with a little work could be made to respond fairly well. Personally I think the GMT400 will become known as the last of the "good" Chevy trucks. They make more power today but the steel they're built with just doesn't last.

    It's never too late to start burning your own chips and if you are detail oriented you'll find there is plenty to keep you busy once you start into the world of GM ecms. Don't be afraid to ask questions along the way. Folks here are good at remembering we were all newbies once.

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    Welcome and thanks for your service! I heard that Brian Harris is retiring due to poor health and someone else is taking over

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    Thanks for the welcome guys.

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