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Thread: new to tuner pro

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    new to tuner pro

    i have an 02 silverado with a 4.8 in it and I'm trying to find the file i need to get the tuning interface in tuner pro working.
    any help is greatly appreciated

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    When you connect to your PCM to read the calibration, the flash utility (read / write) will show you the Operating System (OS) that is in the PCM.

    After you read the calibration in your PCM, save it as a *.bin file.

    Open TunerPro and load the XDF file that corresponds to you OS. Then open the bin file that you saved.

    Available XDF files are here:

    The OS and the XDF must match - or you will corrupt the bin file by making changes using a mismatched XDF file.

    When using TunerPro, in the Parameter Tree - select View By Parameter Category. Also, from the "View" dropdown menu - select Parameter Comments. This will display a narrative description of every parameter that you open.

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