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Thread: I think my computer might be bad.

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    I think my computer might be bad.

    Good morning, man am I at a loss. I am starting to think my computer is bad but am having trouble finding the right info to try to get a replacement. I'm looking for some help. I tried to find the bin number info in the search but it's saying not found. The engine is a 1992 tbi 454 with the 4l80e transmission 4x4 with a np241. The computer itself has a remanufactured replacement sticker on it. The computer had a Hypertech chip in it when I opened it up but have removed it trying to get the thing to work correctly. The blue cover on the factory chip says DELCO AXRB 2285. If a find a computer from a tbi 454/4l80 vehicle, would the assumption be it should work correctly? I have no functioning CEL, my trans is in limp mode, the rpms run high. CEL wires have continuity through to the computer. The trans plug has power and ground and all the wire have continuity to the computer. If I shove my figure in the iac hole in the tbi unit, the rpm's drop.

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    Link to 16147060 PCM information:

    TunerPro RT not only data logs, it's an AWESOME SCAN TOOL at an affordable price!

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    It would have to be from a 91-93 as the 4l80e controls were different in them than 94+. Have you tried checking the check engine light circuit with a test light to see if the ECM is commanding the light, but the cluster just isn't lighting up?
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    I have similar set up (same trans, just a 502 with MPFI instead, I'm also having problems with a PCM from '85. I'm curious to see how this'll be solved.
    Best of luck!

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