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Thread: Moates sst27sf512 price increase

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    Found another one that has a 2timer built in for $36
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    Quote Originally Posted by ralmo94 View Post

    yes these work great, we have them available as well as the regular SST Chips.

    Wanted to touch here on the chip topic and the "fake" or not fake issue. Building a burner we have some insight on the issue why these "fake" chips will not work with a Moates Burn2 But they will work with other burners, and contrary to popular belief that its something to do with the voltage it is not.

    these "fake" SST are perfectly fine cloned SST chips aside from the fact that they got the erase pulse timing wrong when they copied the regular SST. So while the regular SST work great in the moates burn2, these "fake" clones do not because the moates is programmed to erase the proper way you erase a normal SST (im talking code/firmware/hardware level, not the way you push a button or attempt to do it a different way in a GUI) This likely could have been fixed easily enough with a firmware update in the burn2.

    Regardless Yes they can be erased and written with other burners, and it don't matter much unless you have a burn2 already and cannot erase/write them now. But when we made our burner we discovered that issue, and corrected it so it is not an issue which opens the door to a lot more chip options and people not having to search after the last of moates "genuine" stock of SST chips.
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