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Thread: Moates sst27sf512 price increase

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    Moates sst27sf512 price increase

    Hello all, I contacted Moates to see why there was a drastic increase in the sst27sf512.
    Now $9ea . There supply is running low so get them while you can.
    They are not sure what other alternatives will work with the burn programmer.

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    I bough a 5 pack on Amazon some time in Jan IIRC for $25. Looks like they're still available. I think this is the same source I bought them from.

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    Thank you for the link, looks like a better option than Moates.

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    SST stopped production of the 27SF512 chips several years ago, maybe a decade ago. Most "substitute / counterfeit" 27SF512 chips will not work with the Burn 2.

    I've had ZERO ISSUES using "substitute / counterfeit" 27SF512 chips using the Batronix BX32 chip programmer.

    The BX32 is ULTRA overkill and ULTRA expensive for a one time EFI project. I use the BX32 for many different kinds of chips, including the older TBI 2732 type chips.

    The "substitute / counterfeit" 27SF512 chips are very very reliable and work / fit / function like the original SST 27SF512.

    Truth be known - many of the electronics we use daily have "substitute / counterfeit" chips.

    dave w


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    Thanks Dave

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    I have some chips from china for mine mixed in with originals that are about 15 years old. They may be counterfeit but I had no problems at all with burn2 and the two years I had my van. I think I got 4 for $8 a few years ago. It was through ebay so if they were junk I would do a "not as described" chargeback. They were fine. I think moates may be hyping the problem to make more money, then after they sell out, find "another" stash of chips that work fine.

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