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Thread: EEHack 5.0 2020 update

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    EEHack 5.0 2020 update

    ill log some progress and alpha versions in this thread.

    Main goals:

    - scab together some kind of bin editing functions into the analyzer for both ve and maf. this is half finished already but needs some logic as far as cl/ol/wb/nb/maf/ve/patched/unpatched but i want to make it simple on the front end. and why not since we know so much about your bin and logs once both are loaded...

    - develop a new and better table interpolator using cubic splines in 2d and 3d to automate curvature and smoothing in the above goal

    - write a tutorial for the above so new tuners dont have to learn to tune fuel tables anymore

    - improve flashing to reduce bricking. kur4o did some inspirational stuff in another project that im jealous of and i want to get eehack to a place where as long as you dont power cycle your ecm or fry your eeprom, you will not brick your ecm with eehack. even if your computer crashes i want you to be able to plug it back in after and recover the situation

    - continue improving the user interface since im not quite where i want to be yet

    - make some kind of advanced mode and roll kur4o’s crazy hacks in so he doesn’t have to maintain a separate version

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    Quote Originally Posted by steveo View Post
    - continue improving the user interface since im not quite where i want to be yet
    Here are a couple minor tweaks I've come up with while customizing the 4.9.1 release.

    I think I asked you to remove the titles for the playback and log management frames in order to recover some screen real estate, which you did. Seeing some screen caps it seems this is unecessary for windows, but for most systems running x for display the following overrides the default style sheet for the QGroupBox widgets so the space previously used by the title isn't "wasted".

    In datalog_window::datalog_window()

    #ifdef Q_OS_LINUX
      ui->grp_playback->setStyleSheet("QGroupBox{padding-top:20px; margin-top:-15px}");
      ui->groupBox_5->setStyleSheet("QGroupBox{padding-top:20px; margin-top:-15px}");
    I do not have access to any BSD or OSX platforms to compile / test on but I suspect those would also benefit from this. The QT os definition constants are available here. Though it may be simpler to just check #ifndef Q_OS_WIN32 && Q_OS_WIN64.

    This next tweak is pretty ugly but on my tuning rig I was able to make the main window work maximized with the aforementioned stylesheet overrides (and by duplicating them for the fuel, temp and spark frames) and reducing the main button height to 48. So I wanted to make it default to starting maximized. I don't see a way to do that in the ui definitions, so I added this.

    In MainWindow::MainWindow()

    QTimer::singleShot(1000, this, SLOT(showMaximized()));
    I'm sure there's probably a more elegant way to fire this after all the child windows and controls have been rendered, but waiting 1s does the trick for me.

    The only other major UI hurdle is the settings window.
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