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Thread: Chevy 4500 Short School Bus

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    Chevy 4500 Short School Bus

    Hello all. I am in the process of building a 1954 Chevy 4500 20 foot school bus hot rod. It's currently in a few pieces. The body is off, but I have a 1990 RV chassis for it with a Mark IV 454 and Turbo 400 and 4.11 dana 80 in the rear with 4 wheel disc brakes all around. The whole thing has just 30k miles on it. My hope is to convert the TBI over to multi port off a later vortec BBC. I bought a set of iron Merlin 269cc oval ports heads for the big block, as I sold off the peanut port heads. Gonna swap out the cast pistons for a forged set with a little dome to boost up the compression, then add a roller cam. Also, to convert the turbo 400 to a 4 speed or higher auto trans with an overdrive for highway driving.

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    I've worked with the 454 Vortec EFI system.
    Computer options listed below:
    Good - (OBD1) 1227730 or 1227727 (pictured below)
    Better - (OBD1)16197427 with MPFI Modification (can also control the 4L80E)
    Best - (OBD2) 12200411 (can also control the 4L80E)

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