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Thread: $OD_MAF .bin questions about settings, hopefully some still use this on TBI

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    $OD_MAF .bin questions about settings, hopefully some still use this on TBI

    Hi everyone, I’ve been running maf for a while now on my 350 tbi,and after certain part malfunctions, a custom spark table, a lot of help from Dave w I had a regular .bin configured to work really well. I just spent so much time and think the concept is cool, and works better in cold weather.

    Following a few threads, and I know they all happened a long time ago so..

    -My cold startup feels like it has a miss, but disappears when it gets warm. What tables could I look into to help solve this?

    It’s getting colder in the mornings. I’ve manually entered as many of the settings from my Non-Maf bin file as I could, but it doesnt feel like it used to last winter with startup and cold cranking. My ignorance probably changed some items to poorly affect cold start

    -How can I improve this? Which settings should I focus on?

    My short trim fuel(INT), moves rapidly lean or rich by more than 15 depending on throttle, and my BLM’S stay rock steady, where as my non maf bin stay within 5 or less of each other, is this normal for MAF?

    According to Trimalyzer I should actually be subtracting about 1% at higher MAF signals.

    I’ve done most of the suggestions on this““.

    He say’s “Make sure that you change the open loop AFR and cool compensation tables.GM set the OL AFR to 16:1 and they actually pull timing when then engine is cool, and add too much when the engine is cold.They also aggressively pull timing when the engine is warm/hot, which will needlessly kill some power once the motor is warmed up.

    -By how much would I subtract?

    Also I noticed in the bin info, there's settings to change the "High Speed Fan operation",
    which pin uses High speed? I use the low one just fine

    And for my last,

    -How do I importknock counts to correctly display on my .adx?

    I tried to bring it over from another .adx but they seem to mimic my idle, They are ridiculously high, and have tested it on my non maf bin correctly. I changed the packet size from 65 to 67 and it reads correctly but not knock counts.

    Thank you for reading, hopefully there’s still some people who use this .bin,I’ve included the .adx, .xdf, .bin, and a log file just to show how it runs.
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