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Thread: E40 ECM disassembly and reflash project

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    E40 ECM disassembly and reflash project

    Hi all!

    Since I have E40 PCM powered car I was thinking about opening the platform for open source flashing. Recently I have started the disassembly work on a Impala LS4 bin file I found here.

    E40 ECM has both J1850 VPW and GM High-Speed LAN (500kbps CAN, 29bit ID) capabilities, and from what I already decoded both are used by the bootloader. Looks like simmilar approach as in 0411 style PCMs is needed to transfer reflash kernel, as there is no reflash code in there.

    If anyone wants to chime in and help then it would be great. I have done a lot of work disassembling LT1 and LS1 PCMs, but here the code is much more complicated with heavy pointer usage, most likely Delphi has switched to higher level language like C++ developing E40 code.

    For now, feel free to have a look at and comment about the code I disassembled so far.
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    There might be some reflash code to store check-engine-light codes. I didn't realize that about 411 PCMs until we already had 411 flashing working, but the code gave me a rough idea of what the P59 flash code would have to do.

    (P59 flashing is still not working reliably but it's still on the to-do list. First I have to figure out how to unbrick both of my bench PCMs.)

    If the E40 supports the same J1850 messages that the 411 uses to upload and execute a flash kernel, then it would probably make sense to extend PCM Hammer to support it. CAN would allow for much faster reflashes but for CAn it would make more sense to fork PCM Hammer than to just extend it. But it would probably still be easier than starting from scratch.

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