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Thread: LS Swapping

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    LS Swapping

    In the process of putting a basic 2000 LM7 / 4L60E into a 1984 Mustang. Decided to start reading and learning instead of spending money. I’m buying everything I can second hand and really shooting for low budget.

    My “build” is is as follows:

    5.3l and 4l60e I pulled as a running pair from a 2000 Silverado
    Elgin e1840p “Sloppy Stage 2” cam
    Pac 1218 Valve Springs
    Corvette Servo
    B&M Shift Kit
    3500 Stall Nitrous converter
    100 shot Nitrous Fogger (not yet purchased)

    Looking forward to learning!

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    I would recommend a Transgo HD2 shift kit and a new seperator plate. And I'm not a huge fan of the vette servo myself. I used s 4l70 servo in the last one I built and liked it alot better than a vette servo(pay special attention to which spring you use on the 1-2 accumulator).
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    1999 Tahoe 2 door 2X4, 5.7l with 0411 swap, and marine intake

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