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Thread: 95 LT-1 Idle Cell Comparison - Humidity?

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    Agreed with you there. Guy wanted to sell my friends and I a Mercedes Benz V12 Biturbo. For an unbelievably low price, because he couldn't get it to run. So we went over thinking, sure, why not, let's see what we're in for. Well it turns out there's no physical key for the ignition, so you can't start the car without the fob. But even more hilariously, even if you have the fob, you can't start the car if the car's been left with a dead battery for too long, because then the backup battery for the security system fails and the only solution is to have the vehicle towed to a Mercedes dealer along with you and all the paperwork proving you own the car so they can install a brand new security computer and give you new keys.

    Needless to say we walked away and wished him luck.

    Here's me wishing you luck that the slipped rotor has been the only issue this whole time. :)

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    I was thinking that you could add 20 degrees advance across the board to your timing tables to confirm your suspicions about the distributor without taking stuff apart. Turn the key and see if it liked it.

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    As far retarded as it was I think the best I could've done was lock timing at max (46 btdc) with eehack. That might have given me 16 degrees advance best case, and it would have still ran like crap that way. With the egr the cam generates it wants at least 28 degrees spark advance at 925 rpm idle.

    It's kind of immaterial - I'll have it back together this weekend if the "baby" degree wheel shows up when it's supposed to. My good wheel interferes with the k-member by about 2 inches.

    After moving the hub yesterday I feel like this had to have happened gradually over numerous driving sessions. As hot as I was comfortable getting the hub without burning the lube out of the bearing, it still took quite a bit of force (with a channel lock pliers no less) to turn the hub back.

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    Here. Print out one of these babies on card stock paper. Works for me in a pinch. Lots of options, too.

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