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Thread: FNG from Texas

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    FNG from Texas

    Thanks for letting me on.

    Looking into some hptuners and an 0411 swap on our 99 7.4L Suburban. Son went ahead and bought the hp tuners pro setup as he is doing a sc3800 into an 85 Fiero. Also have an 03 cavalier we want to disable the vats. It keeps shutting down the fuel pump. Not good when you send your daughter out in it and it refuses to start randomly.

    I would like to think of myself as a gearhead, but wrench bender and guy who fixes broken stuff is more my speed, though I do have an 87 Turbo Regal and a 1970 GS455. And am working on a 4L60e overhaul for our 94 Suburban. Did a 2004r overhaul for the Turbo Regal and plan on another for the GS "one of these days".

    too much boost or too little octane or both.

    Got some "new to me" weld pro star wheels

    Who knew a 3.1L v6 has cross bolted mains

    and roller lifters.

    Looked to be sad when we striped down the trans and this spring came out in three pieces. But the trans is in the car and has been for a few yrs and works pretty good for a backyard guy.

    Again, thanks for letting me on, i'm sure I will have questions.

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