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Thread: Starting out

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    Starting out

    I have a 1994 454 (bored .060") with a 215/225 @.050" cam and about 9.4:1 compression. Gen VI Vortec heads, headers, and a single plane intake. It has a '7427 PCM and the stock .bin is BJKW. Running the stock tune it actually runs ok, but I know that tune is not going to handle this engine beyond mild, low load situations. I'm using the Moates APU1 and I've started messing with TunerPro RT and am not yet having much success. It seems after a few tweaks here and there the engine starts running horribly, even if I haven't made any significant changes. I started by trying to lower the idle speed, as the stock idle is too high. I did change the mask from $0E to $AA as the xdf comments told me to do so to make changes on the fly. I also tried to eliminate the EGR as my new intake doesn't have it and the MIL s constantly on with a code 32. I've read through the threads about smoothing out the VE tables, and I dabbled with that but I haven't put that into play yet. Just trying to test a few basic things before I dig deeper. So after a few changes here and there the engine suddenly wants to run like garbage, very low idle, the tunerpro dashboard stops reading, and it runs super rich. Going back to the baseline .bin doesn't seem to fix it. At that point I generally have to remove the APU1 and go back to the stock chip. It runs fine then. Obviously I'm screwing something up, but I don't know what.

    The next big thing I need to do is change my injectors. I'm running the stock injectors and need to step them up to the 80lb/hr injectors. At the stock 30psi, which I haven't yet verified, that should put me around 122lb/hr which should be adequate for this engine. Are there any good threads to read on that subject? My searching has not gone well.

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    It sounds like the PCM is going into limp mode, caused by an issue with it not emulating correctly.

    I haven't done what you're doing, so I can't really help. But someone here would know. Maybe try a better subject for your post now you know that you need to investigate the emulator operation further.

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    Occasionally I have a problem after I've been playing around emulating or I accidentally upload something other than a bin file and I end up stuck in limp home mode.
    What works for me if that happens is I pull the two PCM fuses out wait 30 seconds, put them back in and reload the last bin and I'm up and running normally again.
    I can also only successfully upload a bin file to my PCM when the ignition key is in the run position.

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    You guys were right. I was not emulating correctly and gumming up the works. Garbage in - garbage out, right? Today I think I hit the correct key strokes in the correct order and things went much more smoothly. I disabled the EGR and the code 32, lowered the idle across the board, changed the initial advance, etc and it was running fine. It was idling very nicely, though noticeably rich. Now I'm better setup to take the next step in trying to do some changes to fueling.

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