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Thread: Are all the 8 pin ignition modules that same?

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    I have a buddy here in town that has another AMC 360 so I took my cap/Rotor/wires, and adapter (we run the Ford Duraspark wide cap) and went to his house. Intalled my cap/wires, his truck fired right up. I installed my rotor and adapter, his truck would barely start. Put all his parts back on except left my rotor and it backfired and sputtered just like mine. So I took all my parts home and borrowed his rotor and put them on my truck. It fired right up and ran like a champ!!!

    Now on to tuning! It was in closed loop pretty much the whole time and that is new too. WOO HOO!!! Thanks everyone for helping out!

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    Awesome, I've seen quite a few that burn a minuscule hole through the rotor and sometimes idle fine but under load it takes the fire right to the shaft. Good testing.

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