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Thread: Hello Everyone, '89 C2500 5.7L rebuild

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    Hello Everyone, '89 C2500 5.7L rebuild

    Hello Everyone,

    I have an '89 C2500 5.7L that just roasted a rod bearing. The odometer gear was broke when I bought it and at that time it read 247K so it's not a surprise. I had started gathering parts to rebuild it a few months back. I just was planning to do it in a next month or two but the truck didn't agree with that time frame.

    A few days ago I found a well running used TBI engine with a 140K on it. The plan is to just re-ring it and get the truck back on the road for now.

    However, while I have the engine apart I'm going to put a different profile cam in it which means I now get to learn how to tune.

    So I'm just here reading up a bit for now.

    Thanks, T.

    '89 C2500
    *7747 computer
    5.7L TH400
    2000 B&M stall converter
    3.73 gears
    Volant intake
    Jeg's Y-pipe/Cat delete
    Single 3" with 40 series Flowmaster

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    welcome. don't know what cam you're planning but the 7747 has a good closed loop system, it'll probably run half-assed alright before you tune it, so you'll have lots of time to learn while you're driving.

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    I've used the Comp XE249H in a few TBI 5.7l trucks with stock tuning, and they ran really good. I'm sure a tune would have helped, but the one with ported swirl port heads and headers put 260hp down on a chassis dyno.
    1995 GMC K2500 SUBURBAN 2001 LB7 DURAMAX/ALLISON swap, mostly stock, tuned by me with EFILive

    1999 Tahoe 2 door 2X4, 5.7l with 0411 swap, and marine intake

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