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Thread: Hellofrom NJ, New to tuning.

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    Hellofrom NJ, New to tuning.

    Hello! New to tuning have an 1988 C4 Corvette to cut my teeth.
    Using a Moates Autoprom and TunerPro RT. I'm finding the learning curve is a bit intimidating but look forward to getting there.
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    Welcome, lots of good info here. How about some more info; engine, trans, ECM...

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    Thanks for the welcome PlayingwithTBI! I hope to learn a lot and if I'm being honest leaning on the community to help me along

    More on the car...
    1988 Corvette (Stock) Lots of Miles (200k+)
    L98 w/ Aluminum heads
    Manual transmission - Doug Nash 4+3
    TPI 1227165 ECM

    Tuning equipment.
    HP laptop w/windows 10 OS
    Moates APU1 with ALDL cable and GP1 adapter package.
    Software Latest version of TunerProRT and WinAlDl.

    I guess the first thing I want to do is some data logging to identify any system errors. Can you recommend a definition file to use that has a good assortment of Error code?

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