I am using tunerpro rt, been using the forum for years and modifying bins when it was 7747 computer and had it running pretty good. But since I went to the 7427 I have been in the learning curve and trying to understand how things work. I have a 357 ATK bottom end, 9.7:1, vortec heads, comp cam 218/224 @ .50 114 lsa, edelbrouck eps performer, carb to tbi big block adaptor, bored 50mm tbi, cop car injectors at 21psi,vortec fuel pump msd 6al,700r4 with tcc lockup, running on 93 octane.

I copied over my timing tables and ve from the 7747. Drivibility is pretty good lower rpm up to 3200, sounds clean, smooth, butt detection feels smooth, but I get 1000's of knock counts in a 9-10min drive(last test was 3867 knocks and only 5 had lowered the timing). maybe 5-10 drop the timing and only maybe 2 degrees which is good but why am I getting so many false knocks, I have changed to the 95 knock sensor got it from the truck I got the computer from.

2nd questions is and I had the same thing on the 7747, unless I add 4-6 degrees at the distributor and then put it in as initial timing the truck just dosent have that extra umph. but once I do this the timing shown in the log is 4 degrees lower than what it should be, so am I basically giving the motor 4 degrees of timing it does not know about?

I have added my wbO2 into the computer for datalogging and reads great. I also made a quick disconnect for my 3-wire heated o2 and the analog 0-1v output on the wbo2 controller. The 3 wire o2 is in the midtube headers I have and the wideband is aproxx 26in from the cylinder head. (about 10-12 in after the header) Which O2 is better to use for the motor, and how do I correct the values for the O2 because it is further down stream than the stock one would be?

The learning curve is major over the 7747, thanks in advance for any help.