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Thread: EEHack 2019 update

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    Hi steveo,

    I am trying to log eside while engine is running. I managed to make eside talk with some extra work.
    I have some issues with playback of logs.
    When I open eehack and haven`t connected yet eside tab says No definitions available. When I try to play a log I got the same message too and no playback is possible. I am trying to use it with 4.7. Is this fixed on the newer version.

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    I test it with the built in test definition for eside, but have plans to add more. The definition is small one like 17 bytes or so. You provided it with the first version of the definition file. I plan to add a definition for the f-body abs module but suspect it might not work as the eside currently.

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    that's possible. i never really tested any of that. if i have time soon i'll look through the code and see what the problem is. i'm really close to having my $EE test bench set up again so i can debug it a bit, just waiting on a shipment of serial interfaces from china as I seem to have loaned out or lost my last one.

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