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Thread: 1994 Corvette EEHack DataLog Review

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    Quote Originally Posted by spfautsch View Post
    Edit: You may want to ask Solomon to send you a copy of the original bin.
    Already did. Hopefully I'll be receiving the PCM this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spfautsch View Post
    Thanks kur4o - that was it. Seemed to be about 10s from key on. Three reads in a row, no problems. As I mentioned steveo if we disabled all the buttons on the flash window for 10s after initialization that would take care of it. Or even easier just make the error message more descriptive along the lines of waiting longer. Had I known about the timers, well I can follow directions. Those who cannot will ask questions regardless.

    RISK81 -

    I feel confident your issue will be resolved with a diy cable.
    Guys, Thanks for investigating the READ issue. As of now I have placed an order for the Adafruit IC bridge USB-UART Module (PN_1528-2591-ND) and also the Adafruit FTDI Serial TTL-232 USB Cable (PN_1528-1644-ND) through Digi-Key. Once the units are received, I'll construct a basic temporary cable and terminate to the mentioned pins listed above and post the results regarding the read function after a 10 sec delay from key-on.

    If this checks-out I like the idea of terminating a permanent cable to the back-side of the ALDL connector at the specified pins with appropriate strain-relief for future flashing / data-logging.

    Thanks again for everyone looking into this matter.
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