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Thread: LS1 Swap into 1992 Chevy Pickup

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    LS1 Swap into 1992 Chevy Pickup

    I'm currently helping with the wiring for a LS1 Swap into a 1992 Chevy Pickup. There are multiple ways to wire the LS1 into a 1992 Chevy Pickup. I decided to de-loom the bulk head connector and re-purpose the service wiring (Bat + / Bat - / MIL / Fuel Pump / Ignition On-Start / ALDL) from the old TBI computer to use on the LS1 computer. The TBI system wiring was un-pinned from the TBI computer. The original bulk head mounting plate will be re-installed and resealed. The end goal of the wiring is look factory.

    dave w



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    Building a LS2 headed, BTR cammed 6.0 to do the same swap for a friend myself.
    89 K1500 Scottsdale 5.7L 5spd 3:42

    Build specs: 97 4 bolt main block 350ci, Eagle rotating assembly with flat tops and 4 valve reliefs, Dart 165cc/67cc Iron Eagle heads, Manely SS valves and springs 110lbs seat @1.7, GM Ram Jet cam 196/206 @.50 .431/.451, stock intake and throttle body, heads and intake gasket matched, Delco EP377 fuel pump @ 22 psi, 427 PCM.

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    Progress update pics.

    dave w

    Re-purposing a factory PCM Bracket.

    Re-purposing the factory bulkhead wire harness pass-through.


    Re-purposing the factory wiring for:
    MIL, VSS, Injector Fuse, PCM Battery & Ignition Fuses, Ignition Coil wiring, Fuel Pump wiring and ALDL wiring


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