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Thread: Unable to view data with engine running

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    Unable to view data with engine running

    I'm trying to datalog with Tunerpro and an "ALDU1" from Moates. With the vehicle not running but key-on I can connect no problem and see everything just fine. If I attempt to start the vehicle I am either met with an immediate "DA Data Error" flashing red box or I get about 5 seconds of usable data before I get the "DA Data Error" box. If I attempt to connect to while it is already running I get a permanent "connecting" box at the bottom and nothing happens.

    Help? Please, Thanks!

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    the ECM spits data out the same way with engine on or off.

    generally if connectivity issues only arise when the engine is running, you have some interference somewhere.. and with a running engine, the alternator and the ignition system are the main culprits.

    try temporarily unhooking the alternator + wire and see if you get better results. also try running a fresh ground from ALDL port to clean chassis.

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    Just a thought, does the 10K resistor have anything to do with it?

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    Also check you have resistor spark plugs none resistor ones can knock logging out completely

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    Good point
    When my engine was built the builder told me to use non resistor spark plugs.
    When I Had my second tune they took them out and replaced with resistor one's same style and said they should be there.
    Since then I have put back the non resistor plugs. Have only started to data log. No hassles with communications but not enough testing Yet

    So now I'm wondering what is the advantage/disadvantage with sparkplugs of non resistor type plugs.

    Ive upgraded to the VR manual ecm with 8190 baud rate. No testing on this yet. I hadn't thought I may have to put them back.

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    Fuel injection by Flatattack racing, 60mm Holden TB.
    ECM Delco 1227808 160 baud.

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    It's to stop interference on all your sensor signal wires it can play havok with ecus when not running resistor plugs that's why they use them stock on efi and don't run solid copper wires for the same reason

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