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Thread: Hi from CA, emission-control center of the world

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    Cool Hi from CA, emission-control center of the world

    Hi Everyone:
    Recently rebuilt my 1994 Chevy C1500 5.7L TBI w/ 4L60E auto trans. Has stock-sized 15" tires and 3:42 axle.

    New motor components include (all CA emissions compliant) COMP 255DEH grind cam (203/212 duration at .050" lift, .421/.451 valve lift, and 110 deg lobe separation, Summit 162108 aluminum heads, Speed Pro 28cc dome pistons, Pace Setter 70-1318 shorty headers, Walker Dynomax 40295 3" cross over Y pipe, Walker 80907 catalytic converter, and a KNN CE-1503 top for the stock air filter assembly. All else, including intake manifold and TBI unit is either original or OEM replacement. Also installed a new Pertronix D1020 distributer, new ACDelco coil, new ACDelco plugs, new wires, all new sensors (IAC, TPS, MAP, CTS, EGR, ACDelco heated o2) and new vacumm hoses.

    I want to learn how to reprogram my chip for this setup. My stock chip is a BHMX 16196395. I bought the Moates APU1 autoprom kit and a registered copy of TunerPro RT v5.

    I've done some datalogging, but have to admit a lot of it is over my head , as far as where to start in chip tuning. Hoping this forum will help me learn where to start and how to proceed.
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    Welcome to the forum! Good start with your hardware/software. I too am in the middle of tuning my ex-CA truck here in AZ. This is a big learning curve but, I'm sure with help from the folks here we'll both be successful.

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