Hi there,

I'm using the Affordable Fuel Injection TBI injector tree which is using 2 Deka 840cc@43.5 psi injectors. (80#)

I'm using a BPW spreadsheet to calculate what my BPW should be and it gives me ~134 which is close to the BPW I see in most of the stock bins for a relatively stock GM 7.4L. I'm running a moates emulator to start the engine and I can only get the engine to idle with 165 BPW, 65 psi, and the fuel table in the 50% range. This doesn't quite seem right given that many of these engines seem to do fine with 80lb injectors running with much less fuel pressure. It just seems to want much more fuel than expected and make me think something is not right.

I wonder if there are some injector settings in the BIN that I might be overlooking given that these injectors are quite different than the originals? I see posts about injector voltage bias, and PW, but am not familiar enough with those to know if that's what I need to adjust.

Appreciate any pointers.