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Thread: Intermittent Start/Near Immediate Stall

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    Intermittent Start/Near Immediate Stall

    Truck was running fine (issue a while back wound up being a burnt WBO2 connector, replaced and AFR was back to normal) but then last weekend was moving things and PCM got jostled (was hanging around in floorboard, stupid mistake) and I had some trouble getting it started afterwards but was eventually able to get it started after switching EPROMS and giving it gas. Thought I had fried the PCM in the process of loading some things and wound up getting one from the junkyard. That seemed to fix everything completely. Drove the truck to Lowe's to grab a few things and on the way out of the parking lot it stalled again and absolutely would not start.

    I have since replaced the alternator and distributor and it will still not stay running. The timing isn't perfect, but it is close enough that it should start so that I can dial it in with a light. The alternator is brand new because I had the old one tested and it wasn't putting out the current it was supposed to, I know that can cause issues like this. No dice on either. If the truck starts it runs for about 30 seconds then stalls out even if you try to give it gas. Any ideas here? Log attached of attempted startup.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    We need to know what model, make and year. I am not set up to read xdl log files, and an used to not using them, anyways. TBI or PFI? Engine size? Stick or Auto?

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