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Thread: E38 and E67 Auto Transmission type

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    E38 and E67 Auto Transmission type

    I'm not sure it matters as I have seen stock cals that don't match but I always like to match everything up to help the CAN since in most swaps we don't have a BCM as well as other things. Special thanks to John at TunerCat for the info.

    Yes, these calibrations have an Auto Trans Type parameter that can have the following values:

    2 Automatic 3-speed
    4 Automatic 4-speed
    5 Automatic 4-speed 4L60E
    6 Automatic 4-speed 4L80E
    7 Automatic 4-speed 4T40E
    8 Automatic 4-speed 4T45E
    9 Automatic 4-speed 4T60E
    10 Automatic 4-speed 4T80E
    11 Automatic 4-speed 4T65E
    12 Automatic 5-speed 5L40E
    16 Manual 3-speed
    32 Manual 4-speed
    43 Automatic 4-speed 4T65E TUTD
    64 Manual 5-speed
    128 Manual 6-speed
    129 Automatic 6-speed 6L45E
    130 Automatic 6-speed 6L50E
    131 Automatic 6-speed 6L80E
    132 Automatic 6-speed 6L90E
    133 Automatic 6-speed HM6T65E
    134 Automatic 6-speed HM6T80E

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    Interesting. So what does this change in the cal? Does switching from 4L60E to 4L80E invoke correct shift logic and input/output pins for the larger transmission?

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    I'm not quite sure what it does. I saw an 08 corvette cal that said 5L40e and the trans was a 6L80e.

    I just finished a car that had an 2014 LS3 engine and ecm but an '08 15 pin 4L60e and t42. When I first started on the project the ecm said it had a 6L80e and the trans program was doing all kinds of weirdness. I threw away both programs, started from scratch, set the ecm for 4L60e and all worked out fine in the end so I don't know if the setting helped or if the trans cal was that jacked up.

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    More info from John at TunerCat, many thanks to him and he said it's ok to pass this along.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Auto Transmission Type:
    Cal Value Definition
    0 Freewheel
    1 C2C
    2 CVC

    Drivetrain Type:
    Cal Value Definition
    0 Undefined
    1 Front Wheel Drive
    2 Rear Wheel Drive
    3 Four Wheel Drive

    A. Tach Type: This determines the format/source of the tach signal.

    0 = Serial. In this case the tach information is provided over the CAN bus and there is no separate tach output.
    1 = Frequency. This provides a frequency based tach output based on the Cam sensor.
    2 = Crank. This provides a frequency based tach output based on the Crank sensor.

    B. Tach Output High/Low Period. This just sets the number of reference pulses before the tach output signal changes state and id used to calibrate the tach.

    C. Vehicle Speed 4K PPM Output. This sets whether the 4000 pulse per mile vehicle speed output is enabled and its source:
    0 = Disables
    1 = Speed Sensor. This indicates that the output is based on the signal from the speed sensor.
    2 = Serial. This indicates that the output is based on speed data from the data bus.

    D. Vehicle Speed Type. This specifies how the vehicle speed is output from the ECM.
    0 = Wheel Speed
    1 = Serial
    2 = Rep TOS

    The serial setting outputs the vehicle speed on the data bus. I believe the other two setting provide a frequency output but I'm not sure what the difference is.

    E. Vehicle Speed Serial Data Format. If the vehicle speed is being output on the data bus, this parameter selects the data format.

    0 = Class 2 (J1850 format)
    1 = Early CAN
    2 = Late Can

    I'm not sure what the difference is between 1 & 2.

    F. Vehicle Speed Sensor Configuration. This just indicates the configuration of the wheel speed sensors.
    0 = All wheels
    1 = Driven Wheels
    2 = Non-driven Wheels

    Not sure how the 'All Wheels' configuration is actually used.


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    Great Info.

    Thanks for Sharing

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