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Thread: LS1 Alternators Camaro vs. Corvette

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    LS1 Alternators Camaro vs. Corvette

    I'm helping out with a LS1 5.7 liter swap into a 1992 GM Pickup (I'm not the project owner).

    The LS1 is from a 2001 Corvette, that is being converted to Drive by Cable, using a 2001 Camaro Drive by Cable Flash.

    See attached for Alternator Wiring Schematics Camaro vs. Corvette.

    Question 1: What updates are required to the 2001 Camaro Flash to "Enable" using the Corvette alternator? Enable both L & F terminals in the Camaro Flash?

    Question 2: What is the purpose of "Pin D" (Battery +) for the Corvette Alternator connector.

    I have EFI Live or TunerCats to Flash with.

    Thanks in advance,

    dave w
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    PIN D on corvette is a reference voltage for the regulator. So it knows what is the voltage. It is wired externally on the vette, while on the camaro is wired internally from the charge wire. Diffrent design so you will need to run that wire for sure.

    Gen-F[C on connector] is used to signal the pcm for the regulator dc% and when there is a problem that pin is grounded so pcm knows it and a dtc is set.
    I guess on f-body bin that DTC is turned off and you can just leave that wire off, or wire it and it will do nothing.

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