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Thread: Hello from Wyoming

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    Hello from Wyoming

    Take 2 - It seems I was booted when I pressed Submit yesterday.
    It has been over 20 years since I was involved with performance vehicles. The only fuel injection systems I am familiar with were either Kinsler or Hilborn alcohol systems. Lots of AFB, Holley and Q-jet carburetor experience in the day.
    My current list includes rebuilding my '72 Vega with a 215 Buick V8. Part of the project would be convert to EFI from the Carter AFB. Also have a '54 Chevy 3600, but that is a clean slate. I have been researching EFI options for a few years and this site keeps popping up with useful information.
    Thank you for such a great resource!

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    Welcome - lot's of good stuff and folks willing to help here!


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