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Thanks sturgill & brian.

Sturgill, I'm wondering if I copy your Open Loop AFR VS Temp VS Vac table -AND- Open Loop Idle Lean Limit VS Temp table into my tune if that will solve at least some of the cold start overly rich problems I'm experiencing. Also, why are your two lowest MAP colums in the Open Throttle VE so much higher than the rest of the VE?
You can try it and see if it works better for you. My base bin was BJYM. You can dowload that from here http://www.gearhead-efi.com/Fuel-Inj...2&d=1321320663

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Questions for you guys:

Do you guys see any problem to setting the IAC to near 0 or at 0 while fully warmed up?
The only problem is if the idle is higher than commanded , you may set an IAC trouble code because the pcm cannot lower the idle any lower after the IAC goes to 0 counts. Usually you have the least IAC counts when engine is hot and the air entering the intake is warmer. To help cold driveability, it helps to have a thermac type air cleaner housing and it pulling warm air off the exhaust manifolds into the throttle body. You could fab a hot air tube off one of your headers.

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I know the LS guys (myself included) do not disable PE while tuning VE, I never disabled PE on my turbo LS while I was tuning the VE for it and it worked out fine. I have been taking the same approach here even though a lot of people think you should tune the VE for a TBI with the PE and AE disabled.... What do you guys think disable those for VE tuning or not?

I'd like to keep this TBI open loop, do we have any idea what other modifiers might need to be turned off for this?

And[ thanks again guys.
I leave PE and AE enabled while tuning. I filter out both when doing normal VE tuning. For PE mode, I adjust the VE so it matches as close as I can to what I have set in the PE AFR vs RPM table. You can watch the INT during AE events and see whether you are lean or rich during AE. That is what is usually takes me the longest to get close. As for full time open loop, I have never tried it. I ran open loop idle for a while but now run closed loop. You could try to set the minimum temp for closed loop up to the max under closed loop qualifiers and that should make the PCM stay in open loop.