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Thread: Which tables for cold start?

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    Which tables for cold start?

    It was 19*F this morning and my TBI truck with the single plane did NOT want to start. Cranked on it for a while and it was chugging bad and very rich on the wideband. After it's been running from me keeping my foot on the pedal it does ok. But before that it really did not want to start. Seems way too rich. I have been experiencing this even on warmer days, a little bit. but this morning with it being so cold it was very pronounced.

    7427 $0E using Gregs Advanced $0E TP5 v252.xdf

    It had been mentioned that adjusting Open Loop Idle Lean Limit VS Temp ---AND--- Open Loop AFR VS Vacuum might help with these cold start scenarios. I'm not sure what I might need to change in these tables though.

    Since it seems to be loading up from being way too rich when cold starting it, I was wondering if taking those two tables and increasing the AFR a full point in every cell below 40*C might help this?

    Also, wondering about Choke AFR VS Temp, Choke AFR Decay Time VS Temp, and Choke AFR Decay Time Multiplier vs. Airflow.
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