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Thread: 2001 5.4L F150

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    2001 5.4L F150

    Hiya folks,
    My kid just picked up a 2001 F150 5.4L for cheap. We were driving today and I could feel the trans slipping a little. I'd like to go into the computer and increase the pressures if possible. Being a GM guy(been programming GM stuff since the early 90's and just about everything the aftermarket has to offer as well), I have very little experience with ford programming and that was back in A9L eec4 stuff using an add on chip and programmer from sct I think. Long gone from a break in and 3 laptops stolen. :(
    I've been doing a little reading tonight over at moates and a couple other links. It looks like he has a cheap adaptor to plug into the computer. Is there such thing as a cheap software package so I can adjust a few things regarding the transmission stuff? I'm not looking to do any power programming nor real-time like the quarterhorse. I do have a burn2 so if anyone here can offer any advice of the cheapest way I can accomplish this hardware/software wise, it would be greatly appreciated. Again, this isn't a hot rod, just trying to help my kid avoid a new transmission for a while so he can save up for the inevitable.

    Looks like I need the FA adaptor from moates and the FE cable to make life a bit easier. Does the FA adaptor stay on the vehicle or is that just the interface that will program the stock ecu?
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    not to talk you out of tuning it, but doesn't that AOD thing have adjustable clutch bands? they might never have been touched. might want to do a fluid change, clean the crap out the valve body, and adjust the bands if it has any. shouldn't take more than an hour.

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    Thanks for the reply, I know absolutely nothing about ford trans so I will ask one of my customers that owns a trans shop.

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