It's been awhile since I broke out the Moates Flash and Burn to attempt to help out a guy with a 1993 LT-1 Camaro Service No 16159278 BDZJ. It's basically a best guess tune / mail type tune for him to get a base/ start up. It's a stock bottom end car with 230/236 .510/.520 110LSA with 30# injectors. Headers and a small stall. It has 4.10 gears and 245/35/20 wheel/tire combo. I'm used to tuning the 94 up Lt-1's ,but have a few questions about the 93 and chip burning, since it's been a long time and I have limited experience. The transmission is the 700r4 from my understanding and seems to only have lock / unlock setting controlled by the pcm? Is their anything in the tune I need to anything else I need to adjust for the gear/tires? It appears I can't correct the speedo via tune, is this correct? How does he correct for the speedo, tail housing gears or something like Dakota digital box and does this impact speed limiter and lock up settings? Any other trip points that may be helpful when dealing with these chips would be appreciated.