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Thread: Free LS1 Tuning Software (all you need is TunerPro)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarlsLQ9SS View Post
    '04 Corvette M6 os12587603.bin (1.00 MB) I am looking for one that will work with a 5.3 and a nv3500. Doing a ls swap on a 66 gmc pickup and need a bin file for a manual transmission. My pcm is a blue and green service number 12589463. Will the one I pasted here work for me?

    Thank you, Carl E.
    OS 12587603 for a 2004 Silverado with a 5.3(LM7) setup for a manual transmission. If you plan to run flex fuel then you would want an L59 engine segment rather then the LM7. You will need to readjust things related to the speedometer such as the VSS PPM as they are still configured for an auto trans.

    The engine segment is for a stock engine as far as I'm aware and still has all emissions enabled as well as torq management and is configured for a DBW throttle.
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    Thank you, very much appreciated!

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