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Thread: Free LS1 Tuning Software (all you need is TunerPro)

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    Edited #102 for clarification. This is what I did:
    Quote Originally Posted by LRT View Post
    If you actually have flashed a 2001 OS into the PCM - 12208322 - and are using the matching XDF - then you are OK.
    Are my other assumptions correct?

    How do you identify the OS of a PCM? Is it the "HDW No."? I'd assume that refers to the hardware chip set, not an operating system.

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    Hardware number (and "service number") both describe the hardware, that's correct.

    To find out which operating system is installed on the hardware, you'd have to use software to connect to it and ask. With PCM Hammer, clicking the "Get Properties" button will list a few things, including the operating system ID. I'm pretty sure LS Droid has a way to do this as well but I haven't tried it myself yet.

    If I remember right, the '896 hardware is a little different from the rest of the family, so it may not work with all operating systems. I don't really know though.

    The best place I know of to search for bin and xdf files is here:

    There might be other stuff that isn't in there yet, so it's still worth doing some web searching on the hardware number / service number / operating system ID plus "bin" and/or "xdf" and see if you can find anything. and if you do find something that isn't in there, please submit it to the repository, or just post it here and I'll submit it.

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    Thanks NSFW.

    My only contribution at this point is that 12208322 and 12212156 seem to load fine on my 09354896 with LS Droid in conjunction with OBDLink LX & the engine seems to run fine. I am still not able to get the Jeep's tachometer working with or without a pull-up resistor (which may be completely independent of the tune, flash, etc.).

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